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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Limitations of Communication Models

Communication models are useful in many ways. Still they suffer from some limitations. Among them the following are important:
I. Details of a message are absent: A model is a symbolic representation of a communication process. Details of a message are not available in a model which hinders to reach a sound decision.
2.  Difficult to form an idea about a complete message: As a model is a symbolic representation, only very important elements are presented in it. The less important elements are not shown and thereby, it becomes very difficult to form an idea about complex message from a model.
3.  Inflexibility cannot be presented: Communication is an ever-changing process. We know very little about how communication works. We never know with certainty what works and what doesn't. This inflexibility cannot be presented in a model.
4.  May not be cost effective: Formulation of communication model for transmitting message requires a lot of valuable time. But the benefits may be less from the cost of application of such model.
5.   Requirement of skilled manpower may remain unfulfilled: To run the communication model properly, effective manpower is essential. But such manpower may not always be available.

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