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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Usefulness of Communication Model

A communication model shows the picture of a situation and also the diagram of the process of communication. Thus a communication model has manifold uses:
1.    Better understanding: By definition, a communication model is pictorial or diagrammatic. Therefore, we better understand the situation and process of communication with the help of a model.
2.    Quick understanding: Usefulness of a model is quickly evident. As we know, a communication model exhibits the main elements of a communication process. We can quickly generate an idea in our mind about the utility and effectiveness of the model through mere eye observation on the model at a glance.
3.    Improvement over traditional models: Traditional organizational models are not competent to fully display the ongoing flow of messages among the officers and employees. For example, an organization chart shows the downward flow of a message and occasionally upward communication from the bottom to the top but never sideways. But most business is done by horizontal communication among equal ranking people who are working on problems together. A communication model displays this horizontal channel between the people at the same level.
     4. Identification of noise source: Models also help us to identify the source of noise or barriers which stand in the way of effective communication. If we look at the model, we can see where the breakdowns occurred.
    5.    Facilitating communication plan: Models are used to help us plan communication efforts. If any change is to be brought about in the policy matters of the organization, you look at the organization chart, convert it to communication model, look at the media available to the organization and in the above light, and draw up a plan ensuring a changed policy to everybody in the organization.
    6.    Feedback facility: In the truest sense, communication is never a one-way process. A communication model through the display of feedback reminds us that communication is a two-way process. There are always at least two people and frequently many more involved in the exchange of a message.
    7.     Using as a sample : Since a communication model represents a pictorial statement of the elements of a communication process, a researcher while conducting research on communication process, finds it convenient to use a communication model as a sample for the purpose.

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