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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Giving advice to colleagues / Subordinates

Advice is given in order to influence the attitudes, opinions, behaviors etc. of individuals concerned. It flows either horizontally or downwards. There are some tips to make advice effective.
 Tips to make advice effective
a.     It should be given in such a way that it suits the need of the recipient.
b.     The adviser should be courteous and polite.
c.     The advice should be given for the betterment of the staff concerned.
d.     The recipient of advice should be given freedom to react.

 Counseling the Problem Employees :
Counseling is almost similar to giving advice. The only difference is that while advice is 'subjective', counsel is 'objective' by nature. Advice has a personal touch about it but counsel is almost professional. Advice may be unwelcome while counsel is eagerly sought. In most modern industrial enterprises, therefore, industrial counselors are appointed.

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