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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Objectives of Communications

Behind any activity of management there is an objective. Communication is also done with some objectives in mind such as:
1. Receiving or Passing Information:
Managerial decisions are to be based on right information which may he either external or internal.
External information, being concerned with the outside world, may relate to the following :
a.Demand for products in the market : Managers cannot take production or marketing decisions without having this information.
b.Strategies of competitors: One who is ignorant about the strategies of competitors may fail in business.
C, Supply of labour and raw-materials : A manager has to have information about the sources of supply of labour and raw materials.
d.  Government policies : Ignorance about government policies may be disastrous. An importer, for example, has to know about the import policy of the government.
e.  Technological developments : No business can run properly without having information about and installation of latest technologies.
f.   Changes in tastes and fashions : Information about changes in tastes and fashion help managers to keep pace with needs of market.
Management has to collect such information in order to reduce uncertainty in decisions. Dissemination of such information to concerned people is also essential for the proper implementation of the decisions taken.
Internal information, on the other hand, generate within the organization. They may relate to the following :
a.  Job performance of employees : Information about job performance of employees is essential for managerial decisions relating to employee training, promotion, etc.
b.  Disciplinary conditions in the work place : Such information help management taking corrective actions.
C. Job assignments : Information relating to proper job assignments ensure success of management.
d. Demand for employees, raw materials, machinery and spare parts: These demands come from within and must be taken care of.
e. Need for money, etc. : Management has to be well aware about the need for finance and such other things.
The sources of information may be
a. Company records
b. Library research
c. Observations and interviews
d. Mass media
e. Meetings, workshops, seminars
f.  Exhibitions and trade fairs
g. Internet, etc.
In using information care should be taken about the following:
a.Is the information coming from a reliable source?
Is it complete? C. Is it timely / recent?

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