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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Animal feed in Alabama

In Alabama you have found various animal farms. These animal farms provide different kinds of things. But before serving different things at first the owners of those farms need to serve food to their animals. Otherwise the animals also can not provide many things and can not do much work. There are three types of Animal feed. They are
  1.  Compound food: - It is that kind of food which is blended from various raw materials and additives (a substance which is added to food in order to improve its taste or appearance or to preserve it).
  2.    Fodder: - It is kind of food which is used specifically to feed domesticated livestock (like cattle, goats, sheep, etc.).
  3.     Forage: - Forge is the plant material which is eaten by domestic livestock like cow, goat, sheep, etc.
In Alabama you can find several organizations and shops whose serve animal feed to the farmers in Alabama State. They are 
  1.        R A M K-9 Unlimited (Houston County, Alabama).
  2.       United Methdst Pstrl Cre Cnslg (Houston County, Alabama).
  3.       S & J Sk8 Shop LLC (Houston County, Alabama).
  4.        Farley Tractor Co Inc (Bessemer, Alabama).
  5.       Carmans Camp Inc (Bessemer, Alabama).
  6.       Van Heusen Inc Store 441 (Bessemer, Alabama).
  7.        Humane Society Shelby County (Columbiana, Alabama).
  8.        Shelby Extension Office (Columbiana, Alabama)
  9.      Big N Small Clean up shop (Houston County, Alabama).

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