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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Emergency Medical Service- Alabama

As a human being we sometimes get ill in a sudden time. In that time we need pre medical service. This pre medical service sometimes saves people’s life. There are several types of pre medical service. Pre hospital care is one of them.  In the state of Alabama pre hospital care is regulated by the Department of Public Health through the State Board of Health and its emergency medical service (EMS) division. The EMS takes responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public by assuring emergency medical services provided by ambulance services, emergency medical response agencies, training entities, etc. the main works of EMS are to investigate the  complaints and may exercise its authority to deny, place on probation, suspend, or revoke the licensure of an ambulance service, training entity, emergency medical response agency, and emergency medical technician when statutory or regulatory violation is substantiated. You have found several ambulance services that were approved by EMS for ensuring better service. Those ambulance services are
  1.    Abbeville Ambulance Service Inc
  2.    American Ambulance Srvc
  3.    Campbells Ambulance Services
  4.    Dothan Ambulance Srvc Inc 
  5.    Emergystat Medical Transport Inc
  6.   Knights Ambulance Service
  7.   Pickens County Ambulance Incorporation

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