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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Communication situation

Communication situation is indicative of such  a situation in which communication takes place between the sender and the receiver in such way that the receiver understands the message sent / transmitted by the sender and also reciprocates. Communication situation is thus deemed to exist if :
1.   There is a person (sender) willing to pass on some information.
2.   Another person (receiver) is there to whom the information is passed on.
3.   The receiver understands the message (partly or wholly).
4.   There is a feedback from the receiver.

Communication situation

In the absence of any of these four components, communication situation is deemed non-existent. The following examples will help clarify the concept.
  Example 1 : "One English speaking lady is talking about politics to a rural illiterate woman of Chittagong who can understand her local language only. Communication situation does not exist here because the said woman does not understand English and as a result fails to provide any feed-back.
Example 2 : "The Prime Minister of Japan greets the French President warmly at the Tokyo airport and both of them embraces each other . Communication situation exists here because there are two parties (sender and receiver of the message) and the greeting of the sender is reciprocated duty (feed-back) by the receiver. Language is not a problem here because an understanding has been created not through the words of mouth but through the warmth of heart.
Example 3 : "The manager told the supervisor to attend office at 9 am. And he responded accordingly". Communication situation existed here because there was a sender i.e. the manager and also a receiver i.e. the supervisor. The supervisor ism understood the message and also responded accordingly.

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